Olive oil and your skin

Olive oil and your skin

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Olive oil helps us maintain our shape, since it has properties that facilitate the transformation of food, and prevent the absorption of harmful fats and sugars, but there is more…

You already know that olive oil has remarkable qualities for our health. But now you are going to add to that knowledge, that olive oil is a great ingredient for some skin conditions, and more.

So you can look healthier and radiant with a low-cost product.

Olive oil for a perfect complexion

The wonderful benefits of olive oil on the skin

When you enjoy the benefits of cosmetics you may wonder how women kept their complexion in ancient times. Well, in ancient times women already took advantage of the qualities of olive oil, applying on the skin as if it were a cream and allowing the skin to absorb. Just a drop of olive oil, and your skin will thank you. If you have dry skin, you will be blessed with its moisturizing properties.

Olive oil for smooth skin

You have seen that hair removal, sun exposure, and other environmental conditions create dry skin and lack of light, which some creams cannot lighten. Exfoliating the skin of your elbows and knees is a rule that you should always keep, but when you add a touch of olive oil, you give a dry area an opportunity to look soft to the maximum.

Olive oil as a make-up remover

And of course, we can manage to take advantage of the magnificent olive oil, when at the end of the day, after you cleanse, and wash your face; you simply use olive oil as a make-up remover. You will be surprised with the results, but of course, as everything in life has to be constant, for better results you have to use it on a daily basis.

Olive and skin lesions

Skin strokes appear when there are internal lesions of the skin. It is normal that those strokes may appear when there are sudden changes of weight and they are visible in the areas where the fat is removed more quickly. A very clear example of this is the appearance of stretch marks in the abdomen during pregnancy.

There is a great variety of options in the market to eliminate stretch marks, although extra virgin olive oil is an economic home remedy that will bring us the same benefits, or even better.

We simply have to mix extra virgin olive oil with wheat oil. It is necessary to apply this mixture in the areas where the stretch marks have appeared.

The countless properties that contain the extra virgin olive oil are also effective for those people who suffer of acne.

Cream of olive oil to use on the skin

Olive oil for hemorrhages and bleedings

To fight off the bleeding and help to heal the skin as soon as possible you simply need dry rust that needs to be turned into powder. Mix this powder with olive oil and put it on the hemorrhage or wound, and you will see how the bleeding stops.

Other uses of olive oil:

  • As anti-wrinkle cream
  • Olive oil is very good for massages.
  • Burns of the skin
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